When something destabilises a tree on your property, you must call professional emergency tree services Sydney immediately for assistance. At Outback to Coastal Tree Services, we respond promptly to all emergencies. A damaged or weakened tree cancan collapse at any moment and is a significant safety risk. We understand just how urgent this situation is and send trained arborists to your location without delay.

How Do We Help?

We have a 24/7 dedicated line for emergencies, and there’s always someone staffing it. A trained customer service executive will attend to calls, answering all questions, collecting information, and assigning professional arborists. Here’s a look at how we help:

  • We conduct a quick and thorough free inspection of your tree. This helps us understand the true extent of the damage clearly.
  • After inspection, our expert arborists provide a detailed quote along with practical solutions for the problem. Clients needn’t worry about inflated pricing, hidden costs, or biased advice. Our team always maintains open and honest communication with clients.
  • Once you approve, our experts will create a plan of approach. We must be more careful with unstable or diseased trees as they’re more likely to fall during the removal.
  • Our team removes all obstacles like cars, small planters, and other such items to create a safety zone.
  • They secure the damaged tree with sturdy rigging as an added precaution. Once the rigging is in place, arborists can safety start cutting.
  • We work in sections unless the tree is too unstable to bear it. This is the right approach for larger trees, especially in confined areas like urban residential blocks.
  • Once the tree is removed, our team works on grinding the stump down. Clients can skip this process to save money, but we recommend getting it out of the way. A rotting stump attracts pests and isn’t visually appealing.

If you experience any of these issues, call us immediately. Our arborists will arrive in fully equipped vans, which ensures they have all the tools needed to act quickly.

When Should You Call Emergency Tree Services Sydney?

Many people see a weak branch or a crumbing tree trunk but don’t know if it warrants calling emergency tree removal services. As experienced arborists, we always encourage people to call, even if they don’t think they need emergency services. Our customer care team will ask a few questions and determine if you need immediate assistance based on your answers. Here’s a look at some warning signs to keep in mind:

Weakened Tree

If a tree has several cracks and looks weak, it may fall during inclement weather. Professional assessment from a qualified arborist will help you determine if the tree is salvageable. In many cases, such trees are on the verge of collapse, which can lead to extensive property damage.

Diseased Trees

Disease is one of the most common causes of tree collapses, and it often goes undetected. Most diseases eat a tree up from the inside so there are very few visible traces of it. Call an emergency tree service in Sydney immediately if your tree sounds hollow, has several dead branches, or seems sickly. Diseased trees will fall without warning, causing injuries and property damage.

Large Dead Branches

A tree may have large dead branches even if it is relatively healthy. These branches can fall at any time, which poses a significant risk so contact emergency tree services promptly when you notice this.

After a Storm

Severe storms, lightning strikes, or heavy rains can cause tree damage and weaken its structure. Look for signs like broken branches, large cracks, and check whether your trees are leaning towards one side. These are all indications that your tree was damaged during a storm. Call professional emergency tree removal in Sydney for assistance.


Excessive erosion after continuous rain can also destabilise trees. Erosion weakens the soil around the roots, which can lead to a collapse. You can avoid this by replenishing the soil with mulch regularly, but sometimes no preventive measures work.

can also help with insurance. We always take photographs of fallen trees or branches before removing them, which can help you claim insurance money for damages. We are a fully-licensed and certified company with more than two decades of experience in this industry. Our services come with comprehensive insurance coverage so you can be confident your interests are protected. If you’re looking for trustworthy and responsive professionals, call us immediately. Our rates are affordable, and we will match any reasonable quote from competitors.

Want to know more about our emergency tree services Sydney or have questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Outback to Coastal Tree Services. You can call us on 0416 722 296 or use our contact us form.

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Arrived at the agreed time and efficiently carried out the agreed work. All materials were removed and no mess left. I would recommend Outback To Coastal Tree Services. It looks lovely.

Daniel MooreManly, NSW

I’ve used Outback To Coastal Tree Services multiple times and every time the whole experience has been brilliant. From getting a quote to booking the work in they are responsive, friendly and very knowledgeable.

Amelia JonesNorth Ryde, NSW

Great team. Efficient, polite and speedy. Major tree work done really well and everything left incredibly tidy! I would recommend to anyone and will definitely use again the Outback To Coastal Tree Services.

Peter JacksonMoore Bank, NSW

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